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Alloy steel supplier and manufacturer, Nanjing Xinshuo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is based in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China. We have the most advanced special steel pipe technology and centrifugal casting experience. Can able to meet the requirements of customers.

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We will take good faith as the first principle, improve the process, improve work efficiency, and provide you with high quality and low price alloy steel products. Our technicians will provide you with effective service and advice. Whether you are a small business or a large one like our customers, we welcome you to contact us.

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Alloy Steel Properties

The strength, toughness and wear resistance of alloy steel are higher than those of standard carbon steel. The choice of alloy steel usually depends on the tensile strength, wear resistance, impact property, usability and other factors of steel. The mechanical properties of alloy steel depend on the amount of alloying elements, such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium.

Popular grades we supply

CA6NM | CF8 | CF8M | CF8C | CA15 | CA28MWV | CA40 | CA40F | CA6N | CB30 | CB6 | CC50 | CF10SMnN | CF3 | CF3M | CF3MN | CG3M | CG6MMn | CG8M | CK20 | CK35 | CK3MCuN | CN3M | CN3MN | CN7M | CN7MS

If you can’t find the required alloy steel grade on our website, please contact us, who may assist you in your inquiry.

Alloy Products


As an alloy steel supplier, we’re proud to serve a diverse customer base.  Because of their unique strength and integrity, Centrifugally cast products are used in a variety of industries.
Such as
Mine / heat exchanger/corrosion resistant equipment/tableware / Aerospace/water conservancy/transportation industry, etc

Environmental-alloy application

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molten metal is poured into a hollow cylindrical mold spinning about a horizontal or vertical axis at speeds generating more than 100 Gs of centrifugal force. The centrifugal force distributes the molten metal and shapes it into a tubular/cylindrical form.

The high forces involved in this casting method means that the less dense materials including impurities are forced into the center where they can be subsequently removed and gas-related defects and shrinkage porosity are reduced thus parts made from centrifugal casting exhibit denser, closer grained structure with improved physical qualities such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and uniformity.

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As a Chinese alloy steel supplier and manufacturer, we export all kinds of ASTM standard alloy steel pipes, wear-resistant pipes, steel shafts and steel accessories. CA6NM seamless alloy steel pipe and steel sleeve are our main products

We have been cooperating with customers in Canada, India, Pakistan, and Germany for a long time. We take integrity, efficiency, and good price as the first principle, and your customer experience as the first indicator. Welcome to contact us.

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