What is Centrifugal Casting ?

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Centrifugal casting is a process to stabilize alloy materials. It provides reliable technology for the chemical industry, steel industry, aerospace industry, and other alloy application industries. Centrifugal casting is more efficient than forging and general casting. It can provide complex shapes and reduce the requirements and cost of machining.

Centrifugal casting process

Centrifugal casting is a technology and method of injecting liquid metal into a high-speed rotating mold to make liquid metal move centrifugally, fill the mold, and form a casting shape.

As the centrifugal movement makes the liquid metal fills the mold well in the vertical or horizontal axis and form the free surface of the casting, the process can effectively remove the gas, and impurities in the liquid metal, optimize the metal crystallization process, so as to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the casting.

centrifugal casting

Types of centrifugal casting

Vertical Centrifugal Casting

When the mold rotates around the vertical axis on the vertical centrifugal casting machine, the inner surface of the liquid metal forms a paraboloid under the action of centrifugal force, which makes the wall thickness of the casting uneven along the height direction (thinner above and thicker below). The larger the height, the smaller the diameter, and the lower the rotational speed of the casting, the larger the difference between the upper and lower wall thickness.


Vertical centrifugal casting is suitable for disc and Ring Castings with a low height.

Vertical Centrifugal Casting

Horizontal Centrifugal Casting

When the mold rotates around the horizontal axis on the horizontal centrifugal casting machine, because the cooling and forming conditions of each part of the casting are basically the same, the wall thickness of the obtained casting is uniform in the axial and radial direction.


Horizontal centrifugal casting is suitable for casting long sleeve and pipe castings, such as copper bushing, cast iron cylinder liner, water pipe, etc.

Horizontal Centrifugal Casting

Advantages / Defects


  1. There is almost no metal consumption of pouring riser and the process yield is high
  2. The production process of sleeve and tube castings is greatly simplified
  3. The product has high density, less porosity and slag inclusion, and high mechanical properties
  4. It is easy to manufacture composite metal castings of sleeve and pipe, such as alloy steel pipe, steel sleeve, wear-resistant pipe, etc
  5. When the casting is formed, the filling ability of metal can be improved by the centrifugal movement, so the thin-wall casting can be produced.


  1. There are some limitations in the production of castings.
  2. The inner hole diameter of casting is not accurate and the machining allowance is large;
  3. The casting is easy to produce specific gravity deviation, so it is not suitable for producing castings (such as lead bronze) with alloy specific gravity deviation.

Centrifugal casting applications

The centrifugal casting was first used in the production of cast pipe, and then the process developed rapidly. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, machinery, aviation, automobile, and other industries at home and abroad to produce steel, iron, and non-ferrous carbon alloy castings. Among them, centrifugal cast iron pipe, centrifugal steel pipe, and shaft sleeve are the most common.

For some forming tools and gear castings, it can also be used, which can not only improve the accuracy of castings but also improve the mechanical properties of castings

There are many applications of centrifugal. Originally developed to allow the manufacture of stronger, more uniform gear trains, the process now also facilitates the production of various other industrial metal parts.

Steel industry manufacturers can use this process to make alloy steel pipes of various sizes. In addition, it can also produce metal rings, discs, and thin cylindrical parts.

The castings with good production benefit are

  1. metal roll
  2. special steel seamless pipe
  3. furnace roll
  4. steel bushing
  5. special shaped castings such as impeller, metal denture, gold and silver meson, small valve, and cast aluminum motor engine

The castings with large production capacity are

  1. iron pipe
  2. various types of steel sleeves and pipes
  3. bimetal steel back copper sleeve
  4. paper machine drum

Our product by centrifugal casting

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Centrifugal casting supplier

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