Stainless Steel Process

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Our Steel Melting Process

We strictly control the chemical elements of the alloy and make raw materials. The raw material is then melted in a furnace. This step usually takes 6-15 hours. 

After finishing the final alloy product, we will cut the sample, and carry out tensile test and chemical composition test on the alloy sample to ensure the accuracy of chemical composition in steel alloy

stainless steel process - melting
stainless steel process - melting


The molten liquid metal is poured into the rotating mold. In the metal casting process, depending on the configuration of the required parts, the mold is selected as vertical casting or horizontal casting.

Vertical casting is selected for annular and cylindrical alloy products, and horizontal centrifugal casting is selected for tubular alloy products.

Centrifugal casting can reduce processing steps after machining or manufacturing by casting external structures and shapes. More information about centrifugal casting.

Select or create a mold, modify the mold through the steel forgings / steel castings process, and then pour liquid steel into the mold to form a stainless steel forgings / castings

centrifugal casting
forging & casting

Heat Treatment

We use the nonoxidation continuous heat treatment furnace with protective gas for the heat treatment of steel pipe, which is used for intermediate heat treatment and final product heat treatment in the production process of steel pipe.

The traditional pickling process is canceled because of the bright surface without oxidation. The adoption of this heat treatment process not only improves the quality of stainless steel alloy casting pipe, but also overcomes the environmental pollution caused by pickling.

stainless steel process - heat treatment
stainless steel process - heat treatment

Cutting & Grinding

In order to obtain the final alloy products, we cut and grind the semi-finished products cooled after heat treatment. We have a variety of methods to complete mechanical cutting and grinding, so that alloy products have good accuracy. 

Surface finish and appearance is one of the important specifications of alloy products. The corrosion resistance can be improved by polishing the surface. We have many ways to improve the surface finish, such as hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, etc

Process Equipment-alloy application
stainless steel process -Cutting & Grinding

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