CA40F Stainless Steel Properties, Composition & Equivalent

CA40F ASTM A743        Grade(UNS):J91154       Alloy Family: Martensitic Stainless Steel

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What is CA40F Stainless Steel ?

CA40F is a kind of martensitic alloy improved by CA40. It is a kind of martensitic stainless steel with low Cr content. It has no rust and corrosion resistance is better than CA40 martensitic stainless steel.

It has good plasticity, toughness and cold formability, and is superior to other martensitic stainless steels with higher Cr content. When the carbon content is controlled very low, the plasticity, toughness and cold formability will be improved significantly.

It is mainly used for manufacturing lining of components and equipment resistant to steam, ammonium bicarbonate mother liquor, hot sulfur-containing petroleum corrosion.

Execution Standard: ASTM A743


CA40F Chemical Composition

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo
Max 0.40 1.00 1.50 0.04 0.40 14.0 1.0 0.50
Min 0.20 0.20 11.5

Heat treatment

(1) Heat to 1750°F [955°C] minimum, air cool and temper at 1100°F [595°C] minimum, or
(2) Anneal at 1450°F [790°C] minimum

Mechanical Properties

GradeASTM A743
Reduction of Area, min / %
Yield Strength, minKsi – 70, MPa – 485
Tensile Strength, minKsi – 100, MPa – 690
Elongation[50mm], min / %12 %


  • Good plasticity
  • Good toughness
  • Good cold formability
  • Low carbon content


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