CB6 Stainless Steel Properties, Composition & Equivalent

CB6 ASTM A890                      Grade(UNS): J91804                  Alloy Family: Martensitic Stainless Steel

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What is CB6 Stainless Steel ?

CB6 alloy is a martensitic steel alloy used for casting. It is usually provided under heat treatment conditions. This steel incorporates high quality, low weight, high solidness, high ductility, and protection from erosion.

CB6 stainless steel has medium-high ductility in cast martensitic stainless steel. In addition, it has a moderately high PREN and a moderately high intrinsic energy. It has medium-low conductivity in cast martensitic stainless steel. 

Also, it has medium-low thermal conductivity and high ductility.CB-6 stainless steel is usually used in casting, sample testing, plate transportation and support, shipping, aviation, etc.


CB6 chemical composition


Heat treatment

Heat between 1800°F [980°C] and 1920°F [1050°C], forced air, cool to 120°F [50°C] maximum, and temper
between 1100°F and 1160°F [595°C and 625°C].

Mechanical Properties

GradeASTM A743
Reduction of Area, min / %35 %
Yield Strength, minKsi – 85, MPa – 580
Tensile Strength, minKsi – 115, MPa – 790
Elongation[50mm], min / %16 %


  • It has high corrosion resistance and strong resistance to Cl ion pitting corrosion;
  • Climate resistance;
  • High strength;
  • It has paramagnetism;
  • It can not be hardened by heat treatment, and the processing capacity is poor.
  • It is a ferritic stainless steel with extremely high corrosion resistance, also known as “super ferritic stainless steel”.


  • Sample testing
  • Plate transportation
  • Aviation
  • Shipping

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