CN7MS Stainless Steel Properties, Composition & Equivalent

CN7MS ASTM A744             Grade(UNS): J94650           Alloy Family: Super Austenitic Stainless Steel

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What is CN7MS Stainless Steel ?

CN7MS alloy is an improved version of CN7M alloy, which is a super austenitic stainless steel alloy.

It is belongs to a nickel alloy.

This alloy can resistant to sulfuric acid. It is suitable for working in a corrosive environment and is often used in waste treatment equipment, transportation, and so on.


CN7MS chemical composition

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo Copper
Max 0.07 1.00 3.50 0.04 0.03 22.0 25.0 3.0 2.0
Min 2.50 18.0 22.0 2.5 1.5

Heat treatment

Heat to 2100°F [1150°C] minimum, 2150°F [1180°C] maximum, hold for sufficient time (2 h minimum) to heat
casting to temperature and quench in water

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength, minKsi – 30, MPa – 205
Tensile Strength, minKsi – 70, MPa – 485
Elongation[50mm], min / %35 %


  • Excellent stress resistance
  • Excellent corrosion cracking resistance
  • Good resistance to local reduction


  • Feed
  • Beverage equipment
  • Waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical application

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