White Cast Iron

White cast iron is a kind of Fe-C alloy material. It has excellent hardness and corrosion resistance, but it is brittle and difficult to process.

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What is White Cast Iron?

It is a kind of Fe-C alloy material without graphite. In this alloy material, carbon only exists in the form of carbide, so it is very light.

It has high compressive strength and high hardness and strength at high temperature. It has a high hardness and wear resistance, but high brittleness, continuous processing, can only be directly used for casting.

Because of its good wear resistance and brittleness, it is often used to make wear-resistant steel pipes and parts

Wear - resistant white cast iron

White Cast Iron Chemical Composition

It is usually contains 1.8% – 3.6% C, 0.5% – 1.9% Si and 1% – 2% Mn.

This alloy chemical composition and mechanical properties as following

A12% Cr2.0-
B15% Cr-Mo2.0-
D20% Cr-Mo2.0-
A25% Cr2.0-

The alloy in our company are roughly divided into these categories


The microstructure of this alloy includes cementite and pearlite. It includes the appearance of interdendritic cementite and widmanstatten. Austenite in white cast iron is formed as eutectic component before eutectic reaction, and then transformed into cementite and pearlite below 723 ℃.

White cast iron properties

  • Preferential price
  • Big Brittleness
  • Light weight
  • High compressive strength
  • High hardness
  • High temperature strength
  • High wear resistance


  • Steel plant
  • Wear resistant casting
  • Roughcast
  • Cast iron grinding ball
  • Wear resistant pipe
ASTM A532 Ni-Hard iron pipe

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