High Chromium Cast Iron

Ni-hard cast iron is improved white cast iron with high wear resistance, It belongs to high chromium white cast iron steel bimetal composite material.

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High Chromium Cast Iron

High chromium cast iron, full name of high chromium wear-resistant white cast iron, is a kind of material with high wear resistance.

It has high wear resistance, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. At the same time, it is easy to produce and the cost is moderate. It is one of the best wear resistant materials.

Wear - resistant white cast iron

Chemical Composition and mechanical properties

High Chromium cast iron chemical composition and mechanical properties

A12% Cr2.0-
B15% Cr-Mo2.0-
D20% Cr-Mo2.0-
A25% Cr2.0-

The composition of high chromium cast iron is carbide and martensite, which can improve the wear resistance and hardness of high chromium cast iron.

Its hardness ranges from HV1500 to 1800

The eutectic structure of high chromium cast iron (Cr > 13%) is different from that of ordinary pearlite white cast iron. And its eutectic carbide is an M7C3 type of hexagonal system. The hardness of the carbide is up to HV1600 ~ 2100. At the same time, the carburizing hardness of common white cast iron is HV1100. When Cr/ C is greater than 4 it forms M7C3 eutectic carbide. With the increase of Cr / C, the solidification characteristics of the cast iron also change greatly.

When common white cast iron solidified eutectic carbide M3 C type is continuous. Meanwhile, A body expresses an isolated phase. On the contrary, the eutectic carbide M7C3 formed by the high chromium white cast express isolated. And the A body is a continuous phase. Which greatly reduces the separation or embrittlement of the high hardened abrasion-resistant relative to the matrix.

After heat treatment, the matrix appears as martensite with high hardness. So that the cast iron shows good comprehensive properties. Grinding ball in the cement industry we use Cr13% high chromium cast iron. And in the production of ball mill liners in the cement industry, we use high chromium steel with Cr1.0% to 1.5%.


  • Crusher
  • Liner
  • Cement grinding ball
  • Mining parts
  • Pipe assembly
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