Centrifugal Casting Speed of Steel Sleeve

Recognition on Technical Parameter Selection of Steel Sleeve Centrifugal Casting Speed

Speed Parameters of steel sleeve

Further understanding on the selection of technical parameters of centrifugal casting speed

It is generally considered that the technical parameters of centrifugal casting speed are the key to centrifugal casting, and the centrifugal casting speed is preferred to be high rather than low. This biased approach is extremely detrimental to the production of products like steel sleeves. Thus, it is necessary to fully understand the factors influencing the speed of centrifugal castings machine and their relationship.

The calculation formula for steel sleeve centrifugal casting speed is usually:

N = 29.9 x (G/r0) 1/2

G is the gravity coefficient and R0 is the inner surface radius of casting (m)

After the centrifugal castings produced are determined, the selection of rotational speed of steel sleeve should focus on the gravity coefficient.G is the contrast value between the effective weight of a liquid metal and the weight of a liquid metal.For Heavy-Walled castings with long tubes weighing several tons, the value of (R+r) /2 should be selected when the R0 value is considered.

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