Steel Sleeve Process and Rotation Speed

Centrifugal casting process of steel sleeve and selection of centrifugal casting speed

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Steel Sleeve Process

The more comprehensive the coating is, the better the layer quality is, and the better the forming quality of centrifugal casting isBecause the coating bears the point impact of liquid metal from the initial stage to the diffusion stage and the wetting and friction pressure of liquid metal in the liquid metal injection mold, the coating bears the whole centrifugal extrusion of liquid metal in the filling stage, and the coating can absorb certain centrifugal pressure to overpressure of the solidified layerIn the initial solidification stage, the coating not only acts as a heat transfer medium, but also counteracts the relative mechanical vibration caused by radial shrinkage gap of some castings.

High aluminum powder was used as a centrifugal casting coating for steel sleeve at the beginning of production. After failure, GCM-3 was used as a coating, and the effect was good.

Stainless Steel Sleeve Of Cold Rolling Mill
High temperature resistant stainless steel sleeve

Rotation Speed

For casting with wall thickness and quality like sleeves solidified for a long time in the mold, the service life of the centrifugal casting equipment system and the pipe mold will be affected if the crack defect frequency of the steel sleeve centrifugal casting increases sharply at a single speed. Thus, the current rotating speed process has two forms as shown in Figure 1. The selection of rotating speed process for ZG35CrMnSi sleeve is the second form

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