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Our Alloy Products

Steel Roller

Steel roller is the main working part and tool for metal continuous plastic deformation on the rolling mill. The steel roller is mainly composed of a roll body, roll neck, and shaft head. The roll body is the middle part of the roll which is actually involved in rolling metal. It has a smooth cylindrical or grooved surface. The roll neck is installed in the bearing, and the rolling force is transmitted to the frame through the bearing seat and the screw-down device. The shaft head of the drive end is connected with the gear base through the connecting shaft, which transmits the rotational torque of the motor to the roller.

Steel Pipe

Steel pipe is a kind of steel with a hollow section and its length is much larger than its diameter or circumference. It can be divided into round, square, rectangular, and special-shaped steel pipes according to the cross-section shape; it can be divided into carbon structural steel pipes, low-alloy structural steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, composite steel pipes and abrasion resistant pipe according to their materials; according to their uses, they can be divided into conveying pipes, engineering structures, thermal equipment, machinery manufacturing, high-pressure equipment, etc; Our company mainly produces alloy steel pipe and abrasion resistant pipe, has many years of production experience

Steel Casting & Steel Forging

Steel forging refers to the workpiece or blank obtained by forging the steel blank. The mechanical properties of metal billets can be changed by applying pressure on them to produce plastic deformation.
Casting is a kind of metal forming object obtained by various casting methods, that is, the molten metal is injected into the prepared mold by pouring, injection, inhalation, or other casting methods, and then cooled and polished, and then the object with a certain shape, size and performance are obtained.

Alloy Products Standard

The alloy types of our steel products are as follows in accordance with American ASTM standards

ASTM A743 – CA15, CA28MWV, CA40, CA40F, CA6N, CA6NM, CB6, CB30, CC50, CF3,  CF3M, CF3MN, CF8, CF8C, CF8M, CK3MCuN, CF10SMnN, CG3M, CG6MMn, CG8M, CK20, CK35, CN3M, CN3MN, CN7M, CN7MS

ASTM A532 – Class I type A, Class I type B, Class I type C, Class I type D, Class II type A, Class II type B, Class II type D, Class III type A 

ASTM A789 / A790 – SAF 2205, SAF 2304, SAF 2507, AISI 329, 3RE60

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Alloy Products Process

Most of our company alloy products: special steel alloy tubes, rollers and pipes, are processed by centrifugal casting.

The following is an introduction to centrifugal casting

What is Centrifugal Casting ?

molten metal is poured into a hollow cylindrical mold spinning about a horizontal or vertical axis at speeds generating more than 100 Gs of centrifugal force.

The centrifugal force distributes the molten metal and shapes it into a tubular/cylindrical form. The high forces involved in this casting method means that the less dense materials including impurities are forced into the center where they can be subsequently removed and gas-related defects and shrinkage porosity are reduced thus parts made from centrifugal casting exhibit denser, closer grained structure with improved physical qualities such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and uniformity.

Centrifugal Casting Generally Includes

  1. Bimetal cast steel roll
  2. Heating furnace bottom heat-resistant steel roller table
  3. Special steel seamless steel pipe

The Centrifugal Casting Alloy Products are As Follows

  1. Iron pipe: nearly 1 / 2 of the world’s annual output of ductile iron is produced by centrifugal casting
  2. Cylinder sleeves for diesel and petrol engines
  3. Various types of steel sleeves and pipes
  4. Bimetal steel back copper sleeve, various alloy bearing shells
  5. Paper machine drum.
  6. More steel alloy products

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