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ASTM A743 / ASTM A532 / ASTM A789 / ASTM A790 Alloy Steel Pipes Manufacturer in China

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NJXS is a Chinese manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of alloy steel pipe. Our design and manufacture are in accordance with American quality standards. These alloy seamless steel pipes are widely used in various markets, such as petrochemicals, refineries, thermal power, petroleum, nuclear energy, solar power plants, national defense, atomic energy, aerospace, etc. At the same time, our alloy steel pipe can provide different sizes, grades, specifications, and thicknesses according to customer’s customized requirements. We also provide these alloy seamless steel pipes to our important customers at reasonable prices.
We export alloy steel pipes in Iran, Pakistan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, etc.

We offer a wide range of alloy steel pipes, Standard is ASTM. The quality of these alloy steel pipes has been strictly inspected and has good durability. 

These alloy steel pipes have different sizes, grades and specifications, and can be used in different industries, such as oil refinery, chemical plant, aerospace industry, food processing, crawler transmission, etc. Steel pipes are offered at affordable price.

Alloy steel pipes and tubes are defined as steel pipes by material, pipes made of alloys.

Alloy steel pipe is a type of seamless steel pipe. Because the steel pipe contains Cr and Ni, its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are far higher than ordinary seamless steel pipe. This alloy pipe has been widely used in oil refinery, aerospace, chemical plant, power plant, food industry, smelting plant and mining industry

Our company handles providing comprehensive ASTM A532, ASTM A743, ASTM A789 & ASTM A790 alloy steel pipes. With integrity, high-quality price, excellent quality, and durability

Also, our alloy steel pipe can be customized according to your price, construction period, condition certificate, etc

alloy casting pipe
alloy steel pipe


SpecificationsASTM A743, ASTM A532, ASTM A789, ASTM A790
StandardsASTM, ASME
DiametersUp to 1500 mm
LengthsUp to 6500 mm
CastingsUp to 9000 KG
TypesAlloy Steel Pipe
MaterialMartensitic stainless steel, Austenitic stainless steel, Ferritic stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel
ThinklessUp to 1500 mm
ProcessCentrifugal casting, heat treatment, cutting, grinding, tensile test, chemical composition test, container delivery
TypeSeamless / Fabricated

Grades & Material

Our company mainly produces alloy pipe grades are as following

ASTM A532 grades – Class I Type a, Class I Type b, Class I Type c, Class I Type d, Class II Type a, Class II Type b, Class II Type d, Class III Type a

ASTM A743 grades – CA15, CA28MWV, CA40, CA40F, CA6N, CA6NM, CB6, CB30, CC50, CF3, CF3M, CF3MN, CF8, CF8C, CF10SMnN, CG3M, CG6MMn, CG8M, CK3MCuN, CK20, CK35, CN3M, CN3MN, CN7M, CN7MS

ASTM A789 / A790 grades – SAF 2205, SAF 2507, SAF 2304, AISI 329, 3RE60

alloy steel pipe


  • High hardness
  • high strength
  • High chemical resistance
  • Resistance to high mechanical stress
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good formability
special steel alloy


  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Power plant
  • Cement industry
  • Food transportation
  • Aerospace

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