CA6NM stainless steel pipe

CA6NM Stainless Steel Pipe is the Main Product of Our Company.

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CA6NM stainless steel Pipe Properties

Through the optimization process. We produce CA6NM pipe, meeting with ASTM A743, and exported to Quebec, Canada. The microstructure of 100% martensite.

CA6NM steel pipe not only has good corrosion resistance, weldability, but also has high strength and low-temperature toughness. It belongs to low carbon martensite stainless steel, used for hydropower facilities and mine facilities of the wear parts. Such as turbine blades, turbine, roller screen/feeder.

Not only to undergo general corrosion medium, but also to endure the erosion of the sediment, cavitation erosion at runtime. Poor use conditions.

Compare CA6NM and 17-4 ph. CA6NM stainless steel pipe has higher strength, hardness, resistance to cavitation erosion, also keep good toughness and fatigue resistance, underwater and has better weldability

Not only CA6NM has good corrosion resistance, weldability, but also has high strength and low-temperature toughness.


CA6NM Stainless steel pipe Advantages 

1.High strength and high toughness Rp0.2 > 600 MPa Rm > 800 MPa A > 18% Z > 50% A kv > 100 j.

2 Good low-temperature impact properties, fracture toughness and FATT (Brittle transition temperature of -173 ~ -196 ℃).

3 Good welding casting and machining performance.

4 Good underwater fatigue resistance and cavitation erosion and wear resistance.

5 High hardenability and good mechanical properties, with heavy section.

6 CA6NM stainless steel casting good engineering nondestructive testing performance.


CA6NM Stainless steel pipe Shortcoming

1.The sensitivity of the composition and microstructure deviation.

2.Heat treatment process control and the sensitivity of the mechanical properties change.

3.The phase change process and the complexity of the stress control.

4.It’s easy to have a cold crack defects.

Stainless Steel Pipe Specifications

SpecificationsASTM A743
StandardsASTM, ASME
DiametersUp to 1500 mm
LengthsUp to 6500 mm
CastingsUp to 9000 KG
TypesCA6NM Stainless Steel pipe
ThinklessUp to 1500 mm
ProcessCentrifugal casting

Application of alloys in CA6NM stainless steel

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