Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

Duplex stainless steel pipe is centrifugal stainless steel pipe made of duplex stainless steel.

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Duplex stainless steel pipe grades

SAF Duplex 22050.
SAF Duplex 23040.031.200.500.040.0423.04.50.10
SAF Duplex 25070.031.200.800.0350.0224.0-26.06.0-8.03.0-5.00.24-0.35
AISI Duplex 3290.081.000.750.040.0323.0-28.02.0-5.01.0-2.0
Duplex 3RE600.031.0-2.01.3-2.00.0350.0318.0-19.54.5-5.52.5-3.00.05-0.12

Duplex stainless steel pipe specifications

SpecificationsASTM A789, ASTM A790
StandardsASTM, ASME
DiametersUp to 1500 mm
LengthsUp to 6500 mm
CastingsUp to 9000 KG
TypesDuplex steel pipe
ThinklessUp to 1500 mm
ProcessCentrifugal casting


Duplex stainless steel vs Austenitic stainless steel

Good plasticity and toughness 

The duplex stainless steel has good plasticity and toughness. The wall thickness of storage tank made of duplex stainless steel(DSS) is 30% to 50% less than that of austenitic stainless steel.

Better wear resistance corrosion and corrosion fatigue properties

The wear resistance corrosion and corrosion fatigue properties of duplex stainless steel are better than those of austenitic stainless steel.

3RE60 duplex stainless steel
3RE60 duplex stainless steel

Low coefficient of linear expansion

The coefficient of linear expansion of duplex steel pipes is lower than that of austenitic stainless steel and is close to that of carbon steel pipe.

higher energy absorption capacity

It has a higher energy absorption capacity than austenitic stainless steel tube.

Better resistance

Duplex steel has better resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Duplex stainless steel vs Ferritic stainless steel

Higher flexibility

duplex stainless steel pipe flexibility is higher than that of ferritic stainless steel pipe, and it is not as sensitive as ferritic stainless steel.

Better corrosion resistance

The local corrosion resistance is better than that of ferritic stainless steel.

DSS,duplex stainless steel

Better cold working process and cold forming performance

The cold working process performance and cold forming performance of duplex steel are much better than that of ferritic stainless steel pipe.

Better weldability

The weldability is also better than that of ferritic stainless steel.


① Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, duplex stainless steel pipe is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrument and other fields.
② When the bending and torsion strength are the same, the weight is lighter. Therefore, duplex stainless steel is widely used to manufacture mechanical parts and engineering structures.
③ Because of its unique advantages, it is widely used in the fields of paper-making, oil and gas treatment, and so on.

duplex stainless steel pipe

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