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Our company’s steel products roughly divided into steel pipes, steel rollers, steel castings & steel forgings. steel products specifications and materials are as follows

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Steel Pipes

alloy steel pipe

Alloy Steel Pipes

Steel pipes are one of our main steel products. We offer a wide range of alloy steel pipes, Standards are ASTM A532 / ASTM A743 / ASTM A789 / ASTM A790. The quality of these alloy steel pipes has been strictly inspected and has good durability.

Abrasion-Resistant Pipe

Abrasion Resistant Pipes

Abrasion resistant pipe has a wide application in building materials, machinery, and also other industries. As a result, it is developing rapidly in different applications. It conveying has been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry.

Radiant Tube

Radiant Tubes

Radiant tube is a tube extending straight from the center in all directions. The purpose of the radiant tube is to transfer heat to the load by radiation, heat transferred to other workpieces after load heating.

Stainless Steel Sleeve Of Cold Rolling Mill

Steel Sleeves

Steel sleeve is also called steel joint. A connector for connecting reinforcement and having an internal thread corresponding to the thread of the screw head. The construction process is simple.

Castings & Forgings

stainless steel casting

Steel Castings

We provide customized stainless steel castings for Industry and applications. Including automobile industry, food processing industry, machinery industry, pipeline transportation, medical industry, mining equipment, aerospace and so on.

stainless steel forging

Steel Forgings

Steel forging refers to the stainless steel object which is pressed by stainless steel material and molded or compressed by plasticity.

Steel Rollers

furnace roll

Furnace Roll

Furnace rolls are the most important parts of the continuous annealing furnace.The function of furnace rolls is to make the annealing furnace run efficiently. Its working condition is the decisive factor if annealing hearth furnace can be normal production.

Sink Roll

Sink Roll

Sink roll is one of the important equipment parts in the centrifugal casting production line. The working temperature is 600 ~ 700 ℃. It can be manufactured in a strong corrosive environment.

Medium milling rolls

Milling Roll

There are four kinds of milling rollers produced by our company, including common roller, medium grade roller, super roller, high chromium roller.

Rubber Calender Roll

Calender Roll

Calender roll is designed with helical runner and jacket structure and made of high quality 45 alloy steel and precision steel.

grain mill rollers

Grain Mill Roller

The grain mill rollers developed by the company is a special roller for beer malt and rice crusher. The outer layer of the roller body is made of high-quality alloy, the inner layer is made of nodular cast iron.

Our Steel Alloy Materials

The alloy types of our steel products are as follows in accordance with American ASTM standards

ASTM A743 – CA15, CA28MWV, CA40, CA40F, CA6N, CA6NM, CB6, CB30, CC50, CF3,  CF3M, CF3MN, CF8, CF8C, CF8M, CK3MCuN, CF10SMnN, CG3M, CG6MMn, CG8M, CK20, CK35, CN3M, CN3MN, CN7M, CN7MS

ASTM A532 – Class I type A, Class I type B, Class I type C, Class I type D, Class II type A, Class II type B, Class II type D, Class III type A 

ASTM A789 / A790 – SAF 2205, SAF 2304, SAF 2507, AISI 329, 3RE60

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