Sink Roll

It is one of centrifugal casting stainless steel products. Sink rolls are of good heat, corrosion, wear-resistant properties. 

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What is Sink Roll ?

Sink roll is one of the important equipment parts in the centrifugal casting production line. The working temperature is 600 ~ 700 ℃.

It can be manufactured in a strong corrosive environment. The main function of the roller is to make the steel strip enter the zinc tank for galvanizing and then come out of the zinc tank for coating control and cooling. It is necessary to immerse the sink roll into the zinc liquid and stick the liquid zinc on the surface of the casting to be galvanized.

The surface structure of the sink roller affects the quality and service time of centrifugal casting castings.

Heat Treatment

The various rolls/rollers are of good heat, corrosion, wear resistant properties, working at high temperature environment on average: 600 to 700° C, which are used in the steel mills, like continuous annealing line, continuous galvanizing line.


Centrifugal casting for barrel/tube

Forging for journal/shaft, static /investment or sand casting for cone/trunions

Welding and machining and grinding.


They work in highly corrosive environments, such as molten zinc, zinc alloys, zinc, lead and aluminum

They usually see temperatures between 600 and 700 ℃ for weeks

The materials used must meet this standard and are therefore difficult to process

The roller is made of 300 or 400 series stainless steel

Specifiaction: Custom

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