Stainless Steel Forging

Stainless steel forging manufacture of ASTM standards

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What is Stainless Steel Forging ?

Steel forging refers to the stainless steel object which is pressed by stainless steel material and molded or compressed by plasticity.

This force is usually achieved by hammering or pressure. Through forging, the defects such as porosity in the smelting process can be eliminated and the microstructure can be optimized. At the same time, due to the preservation of metal flow lines, the mechanical properties of stainless steel forgings are generally better than those of the same alloy castings.

For many parts with strict working conditions, except for the plate with simple shape that can be rolled, forgings are often used.

Stainless Steel Forging Process

  1. Heating steel alloys to liquid state to improve grain structure in steel
  2. Guide liquid steel into precision die
  3. Beat precision dies many times to shape liquid steel
  4. Complete cooling to form stainless steel forgings
Steel Mills-alloy application

Forging steel material


CA15, CA28MWV, CA40, CA40F, CA6N, CA6NM, CB6, CB30, CC50, CF3, CF3M, CF3MN, CF8, CF8C, CF10SMnN, CG3M, CG6MMn, CG8M, CK3MCuN, CK20, CK35, CN3M, CN3MN, CN7M, CN7MS


Class I Type a, Class I Type b, Class I Type c, Class I Type d, Class II Type a, Class II Type b, Class II Type d, Class III Type a

ASTM A789 / A790

SAF 2205, SAF 2507, SAF 2304, AISI 329, 3RE60


SpecificationsASTM A743, ASTM A532, ASTM A789, ASTM A790
StandardsASTM, ASME
Dimensionsup to 85 inches
Weightup to 100kg
TypesDuplex steel pipe, Austenitic stainless steel, Martensitic stainless steel, Ferritic stainless steel

Stainless steel forging companies

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Oxidation protection layer

Stainless steel forgings contain an oxidation protection layer, which helps to improve the corrosivity of the alloy steel itself. It can be exposed to corrosive environment for a long time, such as valves, chemical processing equipment, marine equipment, etc

High heat resistance

Stainless steel forgings maintain high heat resistance when used in heat exchangers, furnaces and ovens.

High strength

This process produces a unique and continuous grain flow, which follows the stainless steel forging, thus improving the strength.

Mechanical properties

Steel forgings can produce higher strength to weight ratio and improve the mechanical properties of stainless steel itself.

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