Custom Alloy Steel Sleeve

The steel sleeve is used to connect the reinforcement and has a connector with internal thread corresponding to the thread of the screw head.

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What is steel sleeve ?

Steel sleeve is also called steel joint. A connector for connecting reinforcement and having an internal thread corresponding to the thread of the screw head. The construction process is simple. The end of the steel bar is processed by the rolling mill process, and the two steel bars are connected with each other by connecting the sleeve pipe.
Steel sleeve is often used to protect the core of forging material in high corrosion and high-temperature environment. Casting with a steel sleeve creates a smooth and perfect round weld.


SpecificationsASTM A743, ASTM A532, ASTM A789, ASTM A790
StandardsASTM, ASME
DiametersUp to 1500 mm
LengthsUp to 6500 mm
CastingsUp to 9000 KG
TypesSteel Sleeve
MaterialMartensitic stainless steel, Austenitic stainless steel, Ferritic stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel
ThinklessUp to 1500 mm
ProcessCentrifugal casting


1Stainless steel smelt with qualified ingredients.
2Centrifugal casting.
3Sleeve semifinished products forming.
4Sleeve semifinished products heat treatment – normalizing.
5Sleeve semifinished products heat treatment – tempering.
6Sleeve semifinished products quenching and machining.
7Finish the inside of the sleeve.
8Finishing outside surface benchmarked with an internal hole.
9Sleeve inspection.
10Strike for cold rolling mill trademark.

Quenching process: Pit quenched with water quenching and oil cooling.

We use the advanced process of smelting and casting dedicated to ensure the sleeve chemical composition is reliable, accurate, and has the same properties. Centrifugal casting is dedicated to ensuring internal and external surfaces of the sleeve have no defects such as crack, slag, blowhole, blister, etc. The heat treatment process will make sure the mechanical performance of the sleeve. With the special machining tool and rational process, the sleeve has a high performance of concentricity, cylindrical, symmetry, and balance.

Steel sleeve pipe:outer diameter, length, and width according to customer needs

Steel Sleeve Application

It is widely used in the coiling of foil, strip and plate in the industries of aluminum foil, aluminum plate, and stainless steel pipe foil strip, etc.

As the sleeve pipe rotates at high speed during working, the requirement for concentricity and dynamic balance of the sleeve pipe is strict, which has a great influence on the product qualification rate and subsequent reprocessing. Therefore, centrifugal casting pouring is the best production process for the sleeve.

Sometimes products need heat treatment, which puts higher requirements on sleeve pipe. Generally speaking, carbon steel such as ZG45 and ZG55 have lower strength and are not resistant to high-temperature deformation, they need alloy steel sleeve such as ZG35CrNiMo, ZG25Cr2Mo1V and 35CrMo.

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